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About ElecGreen Solutions

We are a company located in Lethbridge, Alberta. Our goal at ElecGreen Solutions is to give everyone access to energy independence. What does energy independence mean? Well, it is simply the freedom to create your own energy, this ability, once harnessed allows you to be more independent as well as reduce your carbon output.

You can also eventually add a battery backup that will allow you to no longer be affected by a grid outage.

At ElecGreen Solutions, we are devoted to giving every customer a stress-free, personalized experience they will remember and recommend.

Stock photo of home with solar panels on roof

Our Quality Guarantee

At ElecGreen Solutions, we guarantee everything from our service to the products we use. Your experience will be personalized and taken in as the highest priority.

The products we use are also the highest level. Our inverters, panels, and racking are long-lasting and are very easy to install as well as troubleshooting.


We partner with a couple of companies to offer you additional ways to make/save money while owning a system.

NewGen Energy Logo

NewGen Energy: Solar Club

NewGen Energy is an energy retailer that allows you to get the most out of your solar system. They do this by offering a solar club that has both a winter and a summer rate. When you produce more than you use, you go on the summer rate and get paid more per kWh. On the winter rate, you pay less for the energy that you pull from the grid.

Radile Logo

Radicle Carbon Trading

Radicle is a company that specializes in trading carbon credits. Usually, small residential systems don't qualify to do these trades because they are too small. Radicle changes this by paying you among other system owners for their carbon credits for Radicle to then trade for themselves to other companies.

Create Energy Independence Today!

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