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Our Process

At ElecGreen Solutions, our goal is to make the process of going solar as quick and painless as possible for you. This means that we will work tirelessly to get your project done on time and on budget.

Step 1: Initial Proposal

The first step is to provide us with some basic information: 

  • Address

  • Site ID (as per your utility provider)

  • Meter No.

  • Optionally: 1 year's worth of consumption information.

Upon receiving this information, we will produce your initial proposal.

Working Mom
Quadcopter Drone

Step 2: Site Visit and Drone Photos

After you have reviewed the initial proposal and have decided you would like to proceed, we will conduct a site visit.


This allows us to acquire more detailed aerial photos and complete an inspection of the electrical panel and meter to determine what electrical work may be required.

Step 3: Final Proposal

After collecting more information during the site visit, we can develop a final proposal for you to review.


This will include more accurate plans and data on the panels and inverters being used in the system, as well as simulated data including ROI, payback period, energy offset, and more.

Business Proposal
Vertical File Cabinet

Step 4: Permit and Utility Application

Upon your approval of our final proposal, we will submit applications for any necessary permits such as electrical or building, including to your local utility provider for approval of the solar system itself.

Step 5: System Install

With all required permits and applications approved, we can start the installation of the solar system.


We stand by our quality of work, and as a result, offer a 3-year workmanship warranty on any installation. For your peace of mind, our systems also include a 25-year product warranty.

Installing Solar Panel
Electrical Circuit

Step 6: Electrical Inspection and System Commissioning

To finalize the installation, we will organize an inspection of the system to ensure its quality and adherence to regulations.

Create Energy Independence Today!

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