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Common Questions


How to network your DTU:                        What do the LED Lights mean on my DTU?:


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What do the LED lights mean on my microinverter?:

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Basic Alarms:


  • Inverters will show 0W when they are offline.

  • Offline inverters can be caused by two main things:

    • Not in range of DTU or other connection issues.​

    • Not getting enough power from the panels to start up.

PV No Input:

  • Inverters will give off a PV No Input alarm if it is not recognizing a panel in the corresponding port (ex. PV1 No Input is on port 1)

No Voltage On Grid Port/Grid Undervoltage:

  • These alarms are most commonly paired with eachother.

  • This alarm in its most basic form is an AC failure.

    • This tells us that there is an issue somewhere on the AC side of the inverter.​

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Check out our alarm list and troubleshooting spreadsheet!

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