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Hoymiles microinverters include 3 main variations:

  1. 1 in 1 solution.

  2. 2 in 1 solution.

  3. 4 in 1 solution.

Check out Hoymiles' website here!

Microinverters We Carry

HM Series (Single Phase)

HM series of Hoymiles microinverters come in a variety of models to suit all of your solar needs:

Hoymiles-1in-1 Photo.png

HM 300NT, HM 350NT, HM 400NT

HM 600NT, HM 700NT, HM 800NT

HM 1200NT, HM 1500NT

HMS Series (Single Phase)

HMS series of Hoymiles microinverters are the top of the line product that will showcase their awesome technology.

Hoymiles-1in-1 Photo.png

HMS 400, HMS 450, HMS 500

HMS 800, HMS 900, HMS 1000

HMS 1600, HMS 1800, HMS 2000

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